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In the quest to bring technology and life together, NAVIKARANA is here to bring you the most comfortable experience in using technology for everyone

Our technology has been based on the testing and various ergonomics principles which aim to simplify the use of these day to day products in a better way.

Quality Services

Our products are manufactured with the best quality materials available with a beautiful modern polished finishing. The products give a style and class with great useability.

Valuable Ideas

All the NAVIKARANA technology products come with a solution to your daily routine problems. The idea behind these products is to provide customers an easy to use technology combined with efficiency.

Budget Friendly

Technology so affordable, that it can help all economic sections to have a taste of technology combined with purpose in their daily life.

Trusted By Many

Our products will only reach the user after extensive trial and “worst-case scenario” testing. We believe that the user is king and deserves to be treated well.

We Do Things Differently

We Turn Ideas Into Works Of Art

The main agenda of NAVIKARANA Tech into being is to help users manage their day to day daily work in a better way with the help of the latest technology.

Using intelligent gadgets to simplify tasks results in a huge savings of energy, time, and effort. With the best quality materials and superfine finishing, we are here to provide our customers with the best of technology.

NaviKarana Services

We aim to build robust, efficient, and high-tech solutions applicable across a wide range of platforms and situations

Product design on demand

Every product has its value when the user demands it. We make on-demand products for our customers

Rapid prototyping of innovative designs

In the manufacturing process, we lookout to make effective prototypes and believe in innovations.

Consultation on healthcare-related innovation

As the world now realizes the importance of healthcare, we have been innovating in this field for years.

Some Encouraging Words From Our Colleagues

Dr Tarun Verma is a highly qualified and competent medical professional whom I have known professionally for many years. He is also highly capable of design, especially related to healthcare equipment, and has the ability to find efficient solutions rapidly. I wish him all the success.

Col (Dr) Vijay Langar, Reconstructive Surgeon

"Dr Tarun Verma is a medical professional with vast experience who has ventured into development of smart devices for the healthcare industry. His background enables him to accurately identify the need of healthcare professionals and create solutions accordingly. I wish him success."


Our Associates

Invest in Our Company and have healthy profits for long term.

Our company is made on the ground of ethics and we pledge to use the best of technology that can help a million people on a daily basis. Come, let us collaborate to give the world a better living style and comfort.