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Our designs are focussed on optimum utilization of space and time to suit the needs of all, especially the elderly

Ergonomic design

Our designs are focussed on optimum utillsation of time and space keeping the need and ease for eldery and partially abled people.

Out-of-box solutions

Our design and technologies are unique from existing solutions as we look for the out of the box and innovative solutions.

Eco friendly products

Nature is the supreme power and we love it. Our products are designed to keep the pollution to minimum with eco friendly materials

User centric approach

User is the boss and we lookut for their utmost comfort. Our all products are user centric and are very practicaaly designed for their ease.

Dr. Tarun Verma

Dr. Tarun Verma retired from the Indian Armed Forces recently after 26 years in uniform. He has specialised in Clinical Haematology, having obtained his DM degree from AIIMS, New Delhi. His background and extensive field experience offer a unique insight into consumer need and acceptability of smart devices, especially related to healthcare. He is a self-taught programmer and an avid technology buff, with a strong commitment to Make-in-India. His designs aim to bring ergonomics into the field of medical and household devices and to promote clean technology.

Mr. Yogesh Wadhwani

Mr. Yogesh Wadhwani, is an Electronics Engineer, with diplomas in ACE, and QM. He has dealt with medical devices and products for the last 27 years and worked in numerous capacities in various companies. He has a robust understanding of technology, as well as market dynamics, and is able to harness these skills effectively in product development and market penetration. He has a strong interest in developing devices and solutions to prevent and reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s) and related deaths.

and Beliefs

We Believe in Best Quality

Quality comes first, always. We believe in quality above all other aspects in designing and production of our products.

We Believe in Good Relation

Customer satisfaction and their feedbacks are gold for us and we believe in 100% customer satisfaction.

We Believe in Abilities

Technology gives the new abilities to human beings to work in their full potential, even far beyond it.

Some Encouraging Words From Our Colleagues

Dr Tarun Verma is a highly qualified and competent medical professional whom I have known professionally for many years. He is also highly capable of design, especially related to healthcare equipment, and has the ability to find efficient solutions rapidly. I wish him all the success.

Col (Dr) Vijay Langar, Reconstructive Surgeon

"Dr Tarun Verma is a medical professional with vast experience who has ventured into development of smart devices for the healthcare industry. His background enables him to accurately identify the need of healthcare professionals and create solutions accordingly. I wish him success."


Our Associates

Invest in Our Company and have healthy profits for long term.

Our company is made on the ground of ethics and we pledge to use the best of technology that can help a million people on a daily basis. Come, let us collaborate to give the world a better living style and comfort.