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Heat Sump

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A major part of power consumption in our lives are the cooling and heating devices essential at home and the workplace, especially with extreme temperatures seen in parts of India and certain parts of the world. Not only do these devices require installation and dedicated power supply; they consume significant power measured in kilowatts. Moreover these devices release (or dump) significant quantities of heat to the surroundings, resulting in a sizeable carbon footprint. They may cool our homes and workplaces, but they contribute significantly to warming the environment. Last but not least, they use coolants, which cause pollution, may leak over time; and require refilling. Thus, such appliances require periodic maintenance, careful installation to avoid fire hazards, and cannot operate independently. That is, there are no truly smart devices capable of autonomous operation

The heat sump is an all-weather heat management system for home use. It neutralises the extremes of weather conditions seen in most parts of the country, by a state-of-the-art mechanism. It absorbs heat in hot weather, releases heat in cold weather and purifies air the year around. It thus removes the need for an air-conditioner in summer, heater in winter, and air-purifier in all seasons. The heat is absorbed, transported, stored and recycled by a novel mechanism. All this occurs with power consumption measured in watts, rather than kilowatts

It is thus, a smart household (or office) device that offers huge savings on the cost of appliances, as well as electricity bills. In addition, it is an ultra-low carbon footprint device, releasing no chemicals; since it does not utilise conventional coolants. It is a compact device, which can be placed anywhere; being approximately the size of a 100 litre refrigerator. It operates on a rechargeable battery, therefore does not require dedicated power supply. It operates throughout the day, based on requirement, as does not need to be switched on or off. Moreover, its smart features include measurement of temperature and humidity load, optimisation of performance and power consumption.