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With increased numbers of people living sedentary lifestyles, as well as improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease; the number of people taking regular medication will continue to increase. Adherence to dosage instructions is crucial to good disease control however, this is often the difficult part. Especially for elderly people on multiple types of pills. The user needs to remember doses, extract the pills from the foil, remember to stock up in time and keep the foils in a safe place. If travel is planned, enough supply of drugs has to be arranged and carried. All of these activities are a challenge, especially for people with memory loss, neuromuscular disorders’, people dependent on others, highly busy people, or people on the go!

The available pill dispensers in the market are, in real terms, not dispensers, but pill storage devices with a capacity of 1-2 weeks. Plus the pills are affected by air, moisture, and heat. These pills have to be mixed and stored, with a risk of interactions and mixup between pills. Moreover, these are not smart devices with dose flexibility; they can be used for once daily or twice daily doses only. Even if they dispense correctly, the patient alert system is not adequate.

Pill Pal is a fully automated, smart, highly versatile device with large capacity, capable of implementing practically any dosing schedule, including weekly or monthly doses. It can hold up to 10 different pill types, whether tablets or capsules of allopathic or ayurvedic systems. One month’s supply of each pill type can be stored; meaning that the device needs to be filled once a month. The pills are stored in a safe environment, protected from dust, air, moisture, and heat. Once the dose is entered, the device dispenses the correct dose, at the correct time, and sends multiple reminders to the user. If the patient delays in consuming the dose, an alert is sent to the selected person, eg. spouse, relative

In addition, the device is equipped with a carrying case for ease of travel. One month’s supply can be securely stored and carried, making it a useful travel companion. Since the device is insulated from heat and impact and has a locking feature; it can even be carried as luggage and checked in at the airport. Once the stock of medicines is getting depleted, an alert is sent to the user, for a refill. If the user desires, an alert can also be sent to the nearby pharmacy, to send a fresh stock of medicines.

Pill Pal, thus, offers tremendous safety, ease of use and independence to the user.